A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to our submission to Extra Credit's Game Jam 2018! 

It's a  short fun game,  set up using Unity's online matchmaking  service ( only for the first 30 days) and allows for hosted multiplayer. Download to play by yourself or with up to 3 friends!

Enter the remains of an ancient magical flight school where you learn to fly! Game starts in a empty chamber where you (and any friends) will see the flight instructions, only not may of them are there since you're supposed to have an instructor - except the people vanished a long time ago, so you're on your own. Once started you have to go through the roof portal, find and activate the Runic temples in order to return! On your way you should stop and collect the Nothings! Each color is worth different points to your score. Rings will give you Nothings too.  Do be careful of the 'Tol' or evil magic infecting the Magical test bubble - you'll lose Nothings if you touch anything infected! 

So short instructions:

  1. Download appropriate game file
  2. Enter the online multiplayer (or host your own multiplayer)
  3. Read instructions in starting chamber
  4. Fly through ceiling portal
  5. Activate all 3 temples and fly back to the portal, collecting Nothings 
  6. Share your score with friends!
  7. Send us feedback! :)

A few idiosyncrasies (it is a game jam game done in  like 48 yours)

  • You'll need to exit and restart game to play again
  • There are a few issues with the sound  
  • The character (in multiplayer) we had clothing  "issues", fair warning. On the plus side your avatar is well green or gray - let me know which yours was!
  • The crosshairs are great for distance! Unfortunate when flying it isn't the best aiming guide
  • When you load into the chamber move to the right or left if you can't see - there may or may not be another character spawned in at the same place! 
  • The current build doesn't have the link to the credits in game here is the list!
  • The keyboard sort of works but the mouse doesn't - I recommend a controller.

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Install instructions

  1. Download Zip file appropriate for your machine
  2. Unzip file
  3. Run executable

That's it! Leave a comment!


FlyingWhi_19_08_18_V0_1b.zip 145 MB
FlyingWhi_19_08_18_V0_1c_Linux.zip 147 MB
FlyingWhi_19_08_18_V0_1c.zip 139 MB

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